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There's a lot of flack when it comes to the fitness industry and y'know what?
We get it.

Here at PPT, we want to prove that we're the good guys.
We want to help coach you, challenge you and motivate you to live your best lifestyle.

From our top-end facility, to service, to equipment, right through to the legends in our community,
we exist for one reason, because you deserve better!

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Hell yeah I do!

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No Excuse for a Dad Bod by PPT

No Time is No Excuse for a Dad-Bod

What am I in for: 5 – 10 minute read on how to destroy the “dadbod“ Programming examples and tips Solutions and ideas to solve your training schedule problem Having a family is no excuse to put off or avoid getting in shape. Show me a 40+ year old dude with a dad-bod and excuses, and I’ll […]

You’re getting warmer

Your warmup is the primer for the session ahead and at the end of it you should be moving better than when you started. With this thought at the forefront, think now to the 10 min cardio warmup you did before your last weights session even though you had tight hamstrings…..Was this the smartest option? […]