At PPT we're all about helping others achieve their best, through our best.

So, a bit about us

There's a lot of flack when it comes to the fitness industry and y'know what?
We get it.

Here at PPT, we want to prove that we're the good guys.
We want to help coach you, challenge you and motivate you to live your best lifestyle.

From our top-end facility, to service, to equipment, right through to the legends in our community,
we exist for one reason, because you deserve better!

So, do you want to know more?

Hell yeah I do!

What our clients say

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“It’s not a mistake if you learn from it.” But what about when you think you F-F-F….Failed? Fact is, sometimes failure is just a huge mistake of monumental proportions that make you feel terrible, pretty crap, and miserable, so how do you pick back up and get on with it. You learn from it. You […]

fat loss

Top 20 reasons to exercise (and fat loss isn’t on it)

Are we preaching to the choir or do you need a gentle nudge? Never miss another workout again with these top 20 reminders of why it’s important you get to the gym today. We’ve gone around and asked our trainers “Fat Loss aside, why should clients exercise?” Decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers […]