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There's a lot of flack when it comes to the fitness industry and y'know what?
We get it.

Here at PPT, we want to prove that we're the good guys.
We want to help coach you, challenge you and motivate you to live your best lifestyle.

From our top-end facility, to service, to equipment, right through to the legends in our community,
we exist for one reason, because you deserve better!

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weekend and fat loss progress

The Reason Your Weekend Is Killing Your Progess

Eating out and staying on track with your fat loss goals can be tough! But it’s not impossible…. I find that you can lump most people that struggle with social events, and their effect on training results into one of these three categories: The Anxious and Nervous Type – “I don’t know how I’m going […]

Understand Your Pain

There’s some really stupid sayings that float around the gym, amongst them”No Pain No Gain”. What does this mean? That every time we train we should be in “pain” and what is pain anyway? Mitchell Gibbs has spent many hours studying pain and deciphering what it means and as a Coach, he loves finding ways […]