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We know that finding time to train, and fitting it in between work and family is difficult. 

If you’re anything like our clients, you’ve either tried and just feel like you’re spinning your wheels, or you need help getting started on what to do and how to fit it into your busy life.

We can help!

We value our clients and partner relationships, so when someone takes the time to refer to us, we want to make sure that experience is something special. As you’ve been referred to us, you’ll get to take part in this exclusive experience for free. 

Together, we’ll take you through our proven process that has helped countless clients just like you achieve amazing results! 

Understand your Goals

Discuss and understand your current GOALS, NEEDS and MOTIVATION to get you started. 

Define Opportunities

Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and discover your OPPORTUNITIES for progress.

Gain Confidence

We'll TRAIN and give you tools and techniques to gain CONFIDENCE in the gym

Create Your Plan

Take what we've learnt about you to develop a PLAN to help you move forward!

What our Clients are Saying


PPT is a world-class, private training facility that helps 35-45-year-old career-driven men and women take back their health and fitness, and achieve long-lasting body transformation results.

As personal training specialists with a proven track record serving over 800 clients since 2013, PPT helps clients look and feel stronger, feel better about themselves and get back a big part of what they’ve lost when family life began.

PPT has a community atmosphere you don't get from other gyms. The holistic and tailored program they provide each person and regular catch ups with your PT to not just track your personal goals but really dig deeper into your overall experience.

Emily North

It's a great environment to train in and you never feel pressured or intimidated. The staff are genuinely supportive and interested in your well being and helping you achieve your goals. If it wasn't for the support at PPT, I wouldn't be at the level of fitness where I am today. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Sher Joseph

Love this place!! Amazing equipment, brilliant vibe and trainers that are motivating, knowledgeable and encouraging. Definitely recommend and encourage everyone to try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Carmel Helene

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