Tips from a Top Trainer!

By PPT Admin

If you’re following along at home, you’ll know that our PPT 12 Week Shift has produced some IMPRESSIVE RESULTS for our clients!

Our Spring/Summer 2016 12 Week Shift has proven no different. On average, our clients who successfully completed the shift:

Dropped  4.6kg in FAT (measured via DEXA scan)
Gained 1.965kg lean muscle (also measured via DEXA scan)

This is a HUGE achievement! On top of this, average weight loss was 6.65kg, with our top Male and Female dropping 12.2kg and 11.2kg respectively! You guys should all be very proud, I know we are.

Jennie KILLED it with a HUGE 7kg fat loss and 3kg lean muscle gain!

Many of these clients have noted that having their trainer on hand to help guide them through this process was an integral part of their success. In an effort to recognise this, we’ve come up with our ’12WS Top Trainer Award’. We put the votes to our clients, and this time around they’ve elected Jason Holman as their Top Trainer! This award was kindly sponsored by the team at MEGA TRAVEL ( Located in SHOP 4, 60 MEMORIAL AVE, Liverpool).

Over the course of the 12 Weeks, Ryan lost 11kg FAT and gained 8kg of LEAN MUSCLE. (All DEXA measured) Very impressive!

To give our readers some insight into some of the amazing results Jason was able to help his clients achieve, we asked him a few questions, hoping to get a few hints and tips for you all. Enjoy!


In your opinion, what are the top 3 “Must Do’s” for anyone looking to drop some body fat?


INTERVAL TRAINING– If you’re looking to drop some body fat interval training is a must, and I mean real interval training. This is training where you push yourself outside of your comfort zone where you should feel pretty gassed for a short time afterwards. A lot of our 12WS clients that attended the interval training seminar know exactly what I mean by this and know how hard you have to push to achieve some really amazing results.

PROTEIN & DIET – From my experience working with clients both in a PT setting and as part of the 12WS one of the major factors for a successful body composition change is protein consumption. Most people don’t quite realise just how much protein their body requires on a daily basis and just how important it is for their goals. Whether it be losing body fat or increasing lean muscle mass getting clients to increase their daily protein intake is a major key to success.

MAKE A COMMITMENT – Achieving your desired body composition takes time so from the outset you must make a physical and mental commitment to yourself. Set yourself up to succeed knowing that it’s going to take positive changes in terms of exercise, developing healthy habits and practicing good nutrition to accomplish your goals . Know what you want to achieve and how much work you’re willing to put in to get there.


What approach did you take with clients when it got a little tough?


While the 12WS is a pretty short commitment at the end of the day we’re all human and some days and weeks are going to be better than others. When times got a bit tough for some clients I always referred back to what inspired them to jump on board for the 12WS and what they really hoped to achieve at the end of the 12 Weeks. Whether it was wanting to look better for their partner, wanting to be in shape to start a family or just to feel more confident and comfortable I found this a really powerful tool to get clients to recapture their motivation and drive to succeed.


How important in your opinion is the role of a trainer/coach for someone looking to improve their body composition?


In my opinion the role of a trainer/coach is absolutely critical to a successful and long lasting improvement in body composition. Having a coach break down your long term goals into a strategy of realistic and achievable steps provides the foundation for long last results. Shifting body fat and breaking years of bad habits is by not means an easy thing to accomplish so having someone with the knowledge to guide you in the right direction and keep you accountable greatly increases your chance at a successful body composition change.


What do you enjoy about coaching clients through programs like the 12 week shift?


I enjoy the challenge that there’s no “one size fits all” approach for the 12 week shift. Each 12WS presents the trainers with both new and existing clients that each require an individual approach through both nutrition and training in order to achieve results. What works for one client won’t always necessarily work for another.

It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that you’ve been able to push and guide clients to results that they never thought they could possibly achieve whether it be losing 12kgs of body fat or gaining 5kgs of lean muscle.

Thanks for the tips Jason! To request a session with Jason, or to hear more about how our Personal Training, and ‘The Squad’ Group PT can help you, let us know HERE.