Sarah Ible

Sarah Ible

Level 1 Personal Trainer

Favourite Exercise – Front Squat

“As opposed to the back squat, front squat loads the quads, recruits the muscles of the upper back as you hold the bar on your shoulders forces you to engage your core. The strength I gained in these areas carried over to my back squat where I had plateaued and was able to achieve great results in strength gains.”

Structure, discipline, lifestyle balance and overall health are top priorities for Sarah, and definitely an area of expertise in her own life.

As a wife and mother to 6 children, she is the epitome of our NO BS attitude, still making her health and fitness a priority. One of her many skills and definitely an area where she can help clients as they strive to get to their own health, fitness and performance goals.

Sarah not only knows hard training, but healthy living and nutrition are second nature to her and there are many aspects of whole body wellness that she is ready to impart and share with clients. Be ready to train hard and to have your healthiest life ever.


  • Cert IV in Fitness