Mary Elasi

Mary Elasi

Personal Training Coordinator

Favourite Exercise – The Chin Up

“I remember my first chin like it was yesterday! Mentally it was a real breakthrough to reach that goal during my own weight loss & training experience. I’d love to share that experience with many others!”

Mary is no stranger to what is required to get results in the gym. With a determined and dedicated approach to her own training and nutrition she has managed to make some serious gains and improvements in her body composition, strength, fitness and overall health. This committed and determined approach is what she now hopes to bring to each session with her clients.

A recent graduate completing her Certificate IV in fitness, she intends to pursue further learning in fat loss and strength to give even more to clients.

She is also passionate about helping others create for themselves nutritious meals to support their training, and is happy to share her tips and secrets on how to avoid eating steamed veg and grilled chicken every day!


  • Certificate 4 in Fitness