Jason Holman

Jason Holman

Level 1 Personal Trainer

Favourite Exercise – The Pull Up

For me this is a real test of upper body strength. Not only do your arm and back muscles get put to the test but your core has to kick in heavily as a stabilizer’s too. It’s definitely a challenging exercise, and a tough goal for many people.

Jason is a recent entry into the fitness industry having completed his diploma of fitness in 2014. He is constantly expanding and challenging his knowledge of anything fitness related. Jason aims to pass on this knowledge to his clients to educate and empower them to make great improvements to their health and fitness.

Jason aims to make his mark in the fitness industry through providing high quality personal training and helping his clients achieve their goals through dedication and hard work.


  • Diploma of fitness (2014)
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association – Level 1 Coach (2014)
  • Level 1 Structural Balance/General Preparation Certification – Boutagy Fitness Institute (2015)
  • Level 2 Strength and Hypertrophy Certification – Boutagy Fitness Institute (2015)
  • Level 2 Fat Loss Certification – Boutagy Fitness Institute (2015)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (currently completing)