Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Level 1 Personal Trainer

Favourite Exercise –  Barbell Squat

I view the squat as a great analogy for life, being able to stand up when something heavy is holding you down. You will never find yourself getting bored of the squat due to the large amount of variations. In addition to this, the squat provides a great overall body workout specifically in the lower limb musculature.

From a young age, Daniel developed a desire to educate and expand his knowledge in the health and fitness industry. Being involved in sporting activities such as soccer and athletics only fueled this desire more.

This led him to furthering his education with a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science) to gain insight and utilize resources that will allow him to help others achieve their goals and become the strongest version of themselves.

This focused development is something that Daniel aims to continue to improve throughout his career, with efficiency and effectiveness of his training methods to get the best results for our clients.


  • Certificate III (2015) – Sutherland Tafe
  • Certificate IV (2016) – Macquarie Fields Tafe
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science) (2016) – Western Sydney University Campbelltown
  • First Aid certificate – 2015 (current)