Bandoll Pho

Bandoll Pho

Level 1 Personal Trainer

Favourite Exercise – Barbell Back Squat

“If there is any exercise to gauge someone’s overall strength and flexibility, you don’t have to look any further than the back squat. The best exercise in my opinion, which has one of the greatest carryover to all other exercises.”

Bandoll started his fitness career in 2010 and has never looked back. His passion for fitness is obvious through his training and enthusiasm to try new things; from calisthenics to yoga, boxing to powerlifting. Bandoll believes that there is always something to learn from all forms of fitness and that versatility makes him a trainer in high demand.

Bandoll has a strong background in group exercise specialising in HIIT training, TRX, MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing classes and has even been able to jump in to Yoga and Pilates classes. He hopes to add a different spin to group exercise at PPT.

Over the years Bandoll has had a proven record in helping his clients not only achieve their goals but surpass them. He believes in building a strong foundation, working on weaknesses and most of all be able to learn new movement patterns beyond the basic gym exercises.


  • Diploma of Fitness – Australian College of Sports and Fitness 2015
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coach – Powerlifting Australia 2013
  • KIMAX Trainer – Feb 2015
  • MMA Fitness Level 1 – MMA Fitness May 2012
  • KickPad Trainer – PunchFit May 2012
  • Punchfit Trainer – PunchFit July 2011