Client Transformation: Vikki Reynolds

Trainer: Sean O’Shea

Training/Diet Information:

The below images are of Vikki across an 8 week period. Throughout this time, Vikki’s trainer Sean O’Shea, had her on a Calorie Cycling approach, utilizing days higher and lower calorie days. As well as this, Vikki trained at least 6 days per week: 3-4 days of Strength Training, 1 day Modified Strongman, and 1-2 Interval Training sessions.

Vikki is presently in her 2nd phase of fat loss training and nutrition. Can’t wait to see her progression in the future. Great job to both Vikki and her trainer Sean!

Client Testimonial:
I have been training with Sean for 6 months now. I have been beyond  happy with the results I have gained. He gives me structured monthly  programs which keeps me motivated and keen to train.

Over the past three months he has placed me on a nutrition plan that  has changed my body. He constantly checks up on me to make sure I am tracking well. Over the past 8 weeks, measures saw me loose 11mm of fat (measured in 4 site skin fold method), and 7cm lost in girth measures (measured across 6 sites).

His knowledge is second to none and I am so happy that I have been able to train with him. The PPT facility has state of the art equipment along with a supportive community environment.

I would recommend PPT and Sean to anyone looking to make a positive change to their health and fitness.