Client Transformation: Scott Taylor

Trainer: Mark Jordan (formerly James Marcus)

Training Diet/Information:

For anyone that is, or has been a part of PPT, you’ll probably know Scotty! Not only is he a regular hard worker at PPT, but he’s also a great ambassador of our training and product.

The below images are a testament of how hard Scotty trains. Not only that, it displays the level of commitment he has made in improving his lifestyle for the better.

Scott’s training week is not for the faint hearted. He’s extremely committed to completing at least 4 Personal Training Sessions at PPT, plus a number of boxing and fitness sessions. What makes this even more impressive is that Scott is also an extremely busy Executive in business. Long days, and overseas trips! So for those that think making the commitment to a training plan is too hard to fit into their schedule, have a word with Scotty!

Client Testimonial:

I could not recommend the team at PPT highly enough. I am a 42 year male with a very busy lifestyle, but am very dedicated to improving my health and fitness. I have been involved in a variety of physical training from standard weight training, mixed martial arts and a mixed bag of other activities and from really checking around as to what is a ” good fit” for me with a holistic solution, I could not go past these guys.

From the initial discussions we were planning to help me clearly work out my goals and set a plan to reach them with milestones along the way. Every trainer I dealt with had great communication, followed me up on the sessions, and most importantly, was reliable and punctual. Their approach and methodology coupled with my hard work, has got me some great results in every way and it has become such a part of my lifestyle, now i went from one session per week to now doing 4 or 5 on a regular basis and i see many other people doing the same.

The gym itself has a wonderful combination of new style equipment mixed with old school style integrity, and customer service and that helps drive the culture through there. Proof of a fantastic and supportive culture from trainers and clients is getting the biggest team award at the most recent Spartan Sprint, which for me was an incredibly fun day to be out and about with the people I see slugging it out every day and pushing themselves. The team was a variety of people at all different strength and fitness levels, and we all helped each other out through the day and had a ball!

Other things that really stand out to me is they are a gym that delivers what they promise. They have a planning day and share new ideas with us like we are truly part of their business, and then they actually follow through with improvements. New programs, social events, new equipment and now a new protein bar coming (insert drooling here). I am still loving my journey and the constant improvement I am getting. I am the strongest I have ever been and the flow on effects from my training and nutrition program have rolled on into every other aspect of my life. As the team goes out and does more courses and increases their knowledge more, I cant wait to reap the benefits of it as they pass it onto us through their coaching.

If you are after a gym where you can pose in front of the mirror or be on your phone taking selfies instead of doing work or leave weights around everywhere then best be moving on, but if you are after a supportive environment with trainers that truly have personal vested interest in your improvement and thrive on seeing you hit your goals no matter what they are, then get to PPT.