Client Transformation: Nicole Holmes

Trainer: Mark Jordan

Training Diet/Information:

Nicole came to us with previous training experience, was technically comfortable with most of her lifts, but had not yet achieved her body composition goals.

Initially, one of the biggest challenges with Nicole was convincing her to consume MORE calories across the day consistently. One of the most common complaints from our fat loss clients is the amount of food we like them to eat, while trying to lose fat. Once Nicole corrected this, that’s when progress started!

During her time with us, Nicole has trained extremely hard at PPT for 2 sessions per week, while completing additional programmed days set by her training consistently!

Amazing effort to both Nicole and her trainer, Mark Jordan. Congrats on a fantastic result.

Client Testimonial:

I am very fortunate to have Mark Jordan as my Personal Trainer. For almost a year now, Mark has had an excellent understanding of my fitness needs and has continually developed effective training plans that have been both challenging and educating.

Mark has an exuberant personality with the ability to motivate and push me beyond my self-imposed limits. I’ve found his contagious passion for fitness and sense of humor has encouraged me as an individual to want to do well and exceed my own fitness goals.

‘In Training’ is a great way to explain part of my experience with PPT and Mark Jordan. He is always encouraging me to set goals and motivating me to accomplish them, keeping me driven and focused during each session. Mark’s suggestions and professional advice on additional training and nutrition have all contributed to me striving towards achieving my personal fitness goals at an accelerated pace.

During my time at PPT I’ve lost fat and inches, and gained muscle and knowledge!

I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the benefits of Performance Personal Training and most importantly if you get the chance to have Mark Jordan as your PT, you can be assured you have one of the best.