Client Transformation: Mary Elasi

PT sessions with Sean are more than a time of exercise & training. In each session you are given all the guidance, reassurance, support and information that is needed to get you one step closer to your fitness and health goals. I have gained so much knowledge from him and he is happy to answer all the questions thrown his way to help me understand better what is going on with my training.

I joined PPT with a particular goal which i thought was a pie in the sky. Through his meticulously planned training and the nutritional advice and tips I have reached that goal within 3 months!! Even though I was already eating quite well, I was hoping to tweak my food to help support my training. After reviewing my eating habits he came back with suggestions which have made a huge difference in a very short time.

Transformation & Fat Loss

The no BS philosophy rings true in our sessions, if he thinks I’m capable, he’s usually right and any self doubt I have is gone through his confidence in my ability to get it done. His passion and commitment makes me feel very accountable & even those times when I feel like backing out of a session, set or even a rep, I don’t cause I feel as though I would be letting us both down. When people ask me my advice on trainers I tell them simply, I train with the best and I am constantly recommending him to anyone who wants to make their time in the gym count.

Any trainer can put together a tough workout, but not all of them can put together one that works specifically to meet your individual needs and goals.

Mary has made some huge changes since this time, going on to become one of the valued trainers here at PPT, as well as a nationally ranked powerlifting. Total life transformation, all made possible and inspired by her experience as a PPT client. To find out more about becoming a PT client, get in touch.