Client Transformation: Felicia Tearse

Trainer: Sean O’Shea

Training Diet/Information:
Although Felicia has been training at PPT for sometime now, the images below are over an 8 week time period.
Over this short time, Felicia training and nutritional focus was to develop lean muscle tissue, with a focus on the lower body. As you can see in the images, she definitely did that!

Contrary to what most female trainees will do, Felicia’s training involved heavy weights, lots of squatting and deadlifting, and limited cardio training. Nutritionally, she’s always on point, focusing on a progressively increasing calorie intake. Her week generally consists of 1 x one on one personal training sessions, 1 x large group modified strongman sessions, accompanied with interval and cardio programming set by her trainer.

Felicia is now working towards her first physique competition in the early part of next year.

Awesome work Felicia, can’t wait to see you make it to the stage next year!

Client Testimonial:

Over the last eight weeks Sean has turned me from cardio junkie into a weight junkie through a personalized program ranging from hypertrophy to strength, building a strong and lean physique.

Having a very supportive trainer is the key to achieving what Sean has for me. He pays a lot of attention to every detail, from training, nutrition, and overall just being very supportive. I could have definitely cried through the pain of each session, however I knew that my goal was being achieved.

Sean’s passion and motivation for fitness and healthy living has inspired me to believe that anything is possible.

PPT has a strong work ethic, always striving for great results amongst their many clients. It is a professional and supportive environment that encourages you to train hard, pushing you to your every limit.

The Team at PPT are fantastic trainers and teachers.  I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are serious about getting results!