Client Transformation: Domenic Galluzzo

Trainer: Sean O’Shea (formerly James Marcus)

Training Diet/Information: 

The images below are of Domenic across a 8 month time period.

As you can see from his results, Dom has been fully committed to a healthy, calorie and macronutrient controlled nutritional protocol. He is always extremely diligent with his approach training, and never misses a step when it comes to training intensity. His week generally consists of two one on one personal training sessions, two large group modified strongman sessions, accompanied with interval and cardio programming set by his trainer.

Lot’s of hard work, but results like this don’t come easy! Congrats Dom!

Client Testimonial:

I highly recommend PPT to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness.

At just 32 years of age I was staring down the barrel of a life-long dependency on blood pressure medication not to mention increased risk of early diabetes, stroke and heart disease. I was referred by family members to PPT and have never looked back. Under the guidance of dedicated and knowledgeable instructors at PPT I managed to make the necessary changes to turn my health around. Through individually customised and detailed exercise and nutrition programs developed, initially by James and subsequently by Sean, with my specific goals in mind I am now healthier, fitter and stronger than I have been!

Sean, Mark and the team at PPT successfully provide a positive environment that is conducive to achieving the best results you possibly can. No matter how tough and gruelling a workout is each session at PPT is enjoyable and surprisingly I find myself looking forward to the next one. It is great to be able to attend a gym where the staff are passionate and well educated, and the other patrons are like-minded and encouraging.

PPT’s NO BS, just results based approach has helped me achieve results I would never have dreamed were possible – especially in a relatively short period of time – THANKS GUYS!!

Dom G. 2.11.2014 2014