Client Transformation: Alysha Kirk

Trainer: Sean O’Shea

Training/Diet Information: The below images are of Alysha across a 12 week time period.

Throughout this time, Alysha’s trainer Sean O’Shea, had her on a Calorie Cycling approach, utilizing days higher and lower calorie days (with calories no lower than 1500 calories per day). Alysha’s training predominately consisted of strength and strongman training, with at least 4 of these sessions per week.

And for those that think that this kind of training and nutritional planning can’t fit into a busy work/life schedule, you’re wrong. Alysha did all of this while running a family AND a business! Great job Alysha!

Client Testimonial: I am very fortunate to have Sean O’Shea as my personal trainer for the past 6 months.

Sean is a genuine caring guy who easily relates to people and is very adaptable to meet their needs.

Sean’s personal strengths as a mature and highly motivated trainer as well as his professional and extensive fitness knowledge have all contributed to my own personal fitness knowledge and goal success. I find Sean’s contagious passion for fitness has encouraged me to go beyond my own fitness goals.

I love Sean’s style of training and his NOBS Just Results approach. I find Sean’s guidance and personal training goes beyond the regular PT sessions. His ongoing support and professional advice on additional training, nutrition and tips for pre/post training have all contributed to me achieving my personal fitness goals.

The past 12 weeks Sean had composed a ‘Fat Loss’ plan which I have had visible differences in fat loss; a total of 4kg weight loss and an over all total of 13cm in girth measurements.

I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the benefits of personal training at PPT and most importantly, if you get the chance to have Sean as your personal trainers you can be assured you have one of the BEST of the BEST personal trainers out there.