Client Testimonial: Tiffany Cooper

This doesn’t look like someone who struggled with motivation to train, but Tiff did. Heading into PPT when the doors first opened was the start of something special for her. It was her first step in getting herself back to feeling fit, healthy and strong. 

I have a difficult time motivating myself to workout on my own. I find regular gyms boring.

Then in 2013 when a friend of ours, James was opening up PPT with Sean. My husband went to try a modified strongman session (now known as THE SQUAD). He encouraged me to come and try. With a small group of friends I went along to check out our friends new business, and to say I enjoyed that first session would be a lie. I was extremely overweight and unhealthy. Even though it was tough, there was something about PPT that made me want to keep going back. I started to enjoy and even look forward to my sessions. A few years on and I have increased how many sessions I do and I rarely miss one.

I haven’t always been overweight. Growing up I was very active, always involved in sports. Looking back though, I realize that my athletic abilities were somewhat natural because I didn’t have to work very hard to do well, so I never really had to put in hard work or push myself to succeed. It was this lazy attitude that got me to where I was. In my adult years I became far less active and took on a very unhealthy lifestyle. Before I knew it I put on over 20 kg in a short amount of time, and that number doubling after losing weight with a fad diet, and having two children. I became extremely unhappy, was tired all the time and I was embarrassed of myself, especially if I saw anyone from my past. I got to point where I thought I was too far gone and felt I’d never be able to lose that much weight. All this began to change for me when I came to PPT. I love the sessions because they are always different. As I got stronger and fitter, I wanted to do better, and be better.

I am not a PT client, but I do a variety of small and large group sessions. I feel very fortunate to get to experience the expertise of all of the trainers through my different sessions. What impresses me most about the trainers is their passion and knowledge of all things health and fitness and their desire to share it, as well as the culture they have built at PPT. They keep a very watchful eye on everyone throughout the session, encouraging,

motivating, pushing everyone, and always making sure your technique is right first. You don’t feel like you’re there just making up the numbers. They care about everyone and push everyone to their reach their potential. Everyone matters!

Just doing strongman sessions alone, I could feel myself becoming stronger and fitter and my weight started to drop slowly. Now that I was starting to see results I wanted more. I was working hard but knew I had to do something about my nutrition. With perfect timing PPT introduced the 12 week shift. I signed up with excitement and great expectation. It was harder than I had anticipated in the first few weeks; I had to completely change my eating habits. I learnt quickly that I was not consuming enough calories, and I was not consuming the right foods. I was an emotional eater and depended on food for comfort and to suppress feelings. In the first few weeks of changing my eating habits I became an emotional wreck. It didn’t take too long to overcome and I discovered I knew very little about nutrition. So through great mentoring from the trainers, and some very informative seminars I learnt so much about nutrition, macronutrients and what I should be eating and why.


So, although I am not yet where I want to be and still have a way to go, I know with the knowledge I’ve been given, continued training and support from the trainers at PPT, I am equipped with what I need to continue reaching my goals and sustaining them.

I will be forever grateful to James for starting me on this path and to Sean, and all the trainers at PPT for creating an environment that’s welcoming, inspiring, supportive, challenging and rewarding. Years ago I would never have said I love going to the gym and I love working out, but I do!

If you want results that last, I highly recommend PPT.

Want more information about THE SQUAD, PPT’s group training program that has helped Tiff get such amazing results, then get in touch with our team.