Client Testimonial: Tara Ackerley

Trainer: Sean O’Shea

Training/Diet Information:

Tara is no stranger to our clients at PPT! A regular to our personal training, and strongman sessions, most of our clients would’ve seen her in the gym working hard. Particular intensity has been shown over the past 12 months, as she’s been ‘Shredding for the Wedding’!

On average, Tara trains at PPT 4-5 x per week, with a mix of one 2 on 1 Group Personal Training session, and 3-4 of our Modified Strongman sessions (with the occasional cardio session completed outside as well). No small feat, but I’m sure you’ll agree, Tara’s hard work has paid off!

Client Testimonial:

I’ve always been an active person doing a good 5+ sessions a week, but mid last year I started to get consumed in life. With my upcoming wedding, my nutrition and correct training regime got a bit lost. After taking the first photo in the mirror whilst trying on bridesmaids dresses for my best friends wedding, that was my awakening to kick into gear.

After speaking with my trainer Sean, we did a quick nutrition overview and I started to focus on a training week that was programmed for results, specifically in fat loss. I’d lost a little but not enough and it was January this year that I really upped my game. We focused especially on calorie intake (because let’s face it, I LOVE my food) and correct macros for my lifestyle, as working at a computer for 8-9 hours a day left me in a pretty sedentary position. I  started participating in 2 x Large Strongman session, 1 x Small Group session, 1 x Conditioning session, a PT session and 2 x spin classes a week.

Preparing the shred for a wedding was a daunting task, with no doubt a few slips I got myself back on the horse and kept at it.

As a person who really thrives off a group environment, I found that I was able to get my focus back with great support from not only Sean, but from my fellow PPT trainers and members.

Now I’m wedding ready all thanks to PPT! 🙂