Client Testimonial: Sharon Finlay

Trainer: Daniel Cooper, Level 1 Trainer

Client Testimonial:

Like many people, the demands of everyday life – full time work, three kids, hubby on shift work, domestics, etc – and focussing on everyone else’s needs, resulted in my personal health being prioritised at the bottom of the list.  Needless to say, when I began my journey with PPT I was overweight, unmotivated, lacking in energy and disappointed in myself.  PPT was one of many places recommended on a social media feed that I happened to read through in an attempt to get inspired!!  Not having heard of PPT before I looked at their website and was impressed by the “No BS” attitude, the flexibility to personalise the program, the fact that the trainers were all well qualified and experienced, and the results evident from photo’s and other testimonials on the website.

In my initial chat I was still a little uncertain, but knew that I had to do something to improve my health, and so made a commitment that day. After eight weeks, I’d successfully achieved my first goal of actually getting myself out of bed for the 5am sessions! During my time with PPT Daniel has provided lots of support and guidance, particularly focussing on technique which has been especially helpful given my limited exposure to working out in a gym.  The programs aren’t always easy (for me anyway!), but they are achievable with a “can-do” attitude.  I have sometimes felt awkward, but the PPT environment is nothing less than encouraging with no judgement, and so whilst I might have felt awkward I never felt uncomfortable.

I put my trust in Daniel as the expert, in terms of both the exercise programs set and nutritional changes that have been progressively made.  In addition to my PT sessions I continue to go to the gym twice a week and power walk three to four times a week on average.  Daniel provides programs for me to train with at the outside gym, demonstrating new exercises and emailing me pictures and tips about proper technique so I remember  when first doing these exercises by myself.  He’s also been a wealth of knowledge and I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of weight training and nutrition.  Daniel is pretty much “on tap” for advice and to answer questions, and is always quick to respond to emails!  Extra support is provided by PPT with information seminars.  I know that achieving my goals isn’t just about turning up to PT sessions, it’s a joint effort and I need to fully commit, educate myself and work hard outside of my PT sessions.

At the time of writing this testimonial I have been going to PPT for 10 weeks, and I have literally felt my body transform.  Nutritional changes have become a habit and my approach to health and fitness has definitely changed.  I think a positive attitude, persistence, being honest with yourself and being forgiving (like when you miss a walk you intended to do), are really important factors in the journey to success.  My overarching goal isn’t just to reach a goal weight, it’s to get fit and healthy, to continually set new goals to stay motivated, and to never go back there.  I have lost almost 9kg so far. I have lots to learn, and with a supportive family and a PT who keeps me accountable I feel much more confident in my ability to get where I need to be.