Client Testimonial: Ryan Rennie

Ryan came to us during our last 12 Week Shift with the goal of dropping some body fat, and increasing a little lean muscle. 12 Weeks later, Ryan put in a massive effort, and was rewarded with one of our most impressive 12 Week Shift transformations to date. Congratulations Ryan!

Trainer: Jason Holman (Level 1 Trainer)

Client Testimonial:

Over the course of the 12 Weeks, Ryan lost 11kg FAT and gained 8kg of LEAN MUSCLE. (All DEXA measured) Very impressive!

To be honest I would describe my 12 week shift as a “huge eye opener”. I remember my first dexa scan results before the shift started & I felt ashamed & embarrassed. From that day I vowed to never put a piece of crap in my mouth again!!

Being a shift worker I found myself making poor choices in nutrition which led me most of the time to the vending machines for lots of snacks. This is were Jason comes in. He was great as he helped me hit my macronutrient targets through my nightshifts & kept me on track during the weekly check-ins.

All the trainers we had during the shift were great. My wife & I were going to Strong Squad & Fit Squad sessions at PPT every Wednesday & Thursday nights. Ontop of this, they provided us with a weights program during the week kept us on track & motivated.

The seminars during the shift were great! Speaking to Sean & all the trainers about nutrition & training were also a huge help.

My goals during this shift were obviously to lose some body fat, gain a little lean muscle & most importantly crush my bad eating habits that got me in trouble in the first place! I think a lot of people get discouraged about the weight on the scales, I know I did, but I also knew I was doing the right things.

I’d look back on my 12 Week Shift as the best thing I’ve ever done! For some people it might be the end of their shift but speaking for myself, mine is only just beginning! I’ve got huge goals set for 2017.

For anybody thinking about living a happier, healthier & more confident lifestyle give the 12 week shift a go you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!!!