Client Testimonial: Roseanne Zaccagnini

Trainer: Mark Jordan

Training/Diet Information:

Roseanne, better know as Rosie, is a PPT regular. Taking part in both Personal Training and Group Strongman sessions on a weekly basis. As you can see below, Rosie’s changes have been both physical as well as mental.  Undertaking substantial changes in her way of thinking, Rosie’s transformation has been one of our best and brightest to date. Congratulations Rosie, keep it up!


Client Testimonial:

My decision to start at Performance Personal Training (PPT) really has been a life changer for me in so many ways. After years and years of training at various gyms with countless trainers, I found that I was a fit person who wasn’t getting results, no fat loss or body shape changes. You name it I had pretty much tried it, group sessions, outdoor bootcamps, one on one sessions, all of this plus fad diets, pills, shakes!!! Id have some short term success, but then the weight would come back on! The only thing I hadn’t tried though was a specific resistance training program along with nutrition advice designed especially for me, to get me where I wanted to be.

That’s where Mark and PPT have made the biggest impact! I am now the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever been. I was previously on tablets for high blood pressure I don’t need them anymore. I previously thought if I did weight training I would bulk up and my problem area (butt and thighs) would get bigger instead I can deadlift 115kg and back squat 80kg, and I have lost the most inches on my butt , thighs and legs.

Working with Mark has helped me not only to lose weight that I was struggling to shift, but I have learnt so much about nutrition and better food choices. I lead a pretty social life with lots of meals out and also lots of entertaining at home . Making good choices and having self control in social settings was always a big weakness for me. I always thought that being good all week and treating myself on the weekends after being at the gym 4 to 6 times during the week would be ok. The years gone by and my previous lack of progress proved that I couldn’t out exercise a bad diet, even if it was just on the weekends. Now I can confidently go away for weekends, out with friends or entertain people  at home and know that I can stay in control and on track.

But don’t think for a second that it’s been easy. I’ve had to reprogram my entire thinking and approach towards food and exercise in the process. I was one of those people who thought that two things were critical to lose weight:

  • Reduce food intake, and practically starve yourself by eating 1200 calories a day to lose weight and
  • excessive, hard and tough exercise EVERY DAY. That is, feel like you have smashed yourself at the end of every session, and then back it all up and try to do it again the next day!

During the 12 week shift, they had to practically beg me to increase my calories up to 1700! While I understood why I should be eating more, it honestly seemed counterproductive if I wanted to lose weight. The idea of eating more and possibly training less to allow for rest and recovery sounded crazy!  Reluctantly I did it, I got my calories up, stuck to my training schedule and sure enough, the fat loss happened and the changes in my body shape followed. Yes, bigger changes would have happened if I didn’t go out as much and wasn’t so social, but I enjoy time with my family and friends and I believe that you need to live your life. Marks advise we managed my program to account for these outings.

I love my training sessions, both PT and strongman. This is by far the longest I have stuck with a gym and personal trainer, and I certainly don’t intend on going anywhere else!

I am getting results and with lots of support from Mark we are working together towards my goals.

Thanks Mark & the PPT team for helping me along my journey to a healthier and fitter me!