Client Testimonial: Romie Hockey

My 12 week shift experience was nothing short of amazing. Starting the shift I had only attended multiple fitness classes at a local health club, where I began to get bored and wanted to steps things up a few notches. Stepping into the world of weights and sticking to a nutrition plan was all new to me. Even though it was a change that seemed challenging at times, it definitely included a lot of rewards.

Without the support of my PPT trainers, I definitely would not of reached and achieved my goals and results. The support from them was so important, both at training sessions and especially with the feedback every week in regards to the tracking of macros.

Fat loss transformation

If I was to pinpoint my three biggest achievements throughout the 12 week shift it would be:


Through the shift I was tracking my food in a food diary and I quickly realised I could eat more if I chose the correct foods. So food quality and quantity both increased.


Weight training was a big benefit for me and I was really surprised by how much I could lift. Not only was I lifting more frequently as I would do my program at the gym as well as in PT, but I was lifting more week to week


My results at the end of the 12 weeks were really great and I’m extremely proud of what I have achieved.

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