Client Testimonial: Megan Dickinson

When I first approached PPT I was clear on what I was looking for in terms of training, goals and what I needed in regards of a personal trainer. I have been a regular gym user over the years off and on.  But I felt I was not achieving the results and lacking the motivation I needed to keep going.

weight training


After looking at the website, from the personal trainers, the Squad sessions, and the before and after photos it was clear they knew what it took to achieve results.

Leading into my first session I had mixed emotions. Not sure what to expect and what my personal trainer would be like.  But didn’t need to worry, Jason was great he provided me with the knowledge and experience to help me achieve my goals, through positive changes in my diet and exercise.  He communicates with me constantly to keep me on track and would not be able to do it without him.

I love the training environment at PPT it is so different to other gyms I have trained in.  The Squad sessions are great, the other PPT clients are always encouraging and supportive.  PT sessions with Jason are always tuff and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the few months I have been at PPT I have made some good progress and I’m looking forward to what I will achieve at the end of the 12 Week Shift.

I would highly recommend PPT to anyone who is looking for a change in an environment which is supportive, experienced and dedicated at helping you achieve your goals.

To find out more about the Personal Training and Squad sessions get in touch with our team. You can discover for yourself how empowering the environment is at PPT for those who are after change.