Client Testimonial: Liz Latham

Trainer: Mark Jordan (Level 2 Trainer)


Client Testimonial:

I have been a member of PPT for nearly 18months now and in that time I have achieved some amazing results with the dedication and support of my trainer, Mark Jordan.

Mark has shown me time and time again what training, consistency, accountability and motivation can do and without his constant support and drive I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I have always struggled with my weight and have always been told I was just ‘big boned’ or ‘it’s just your build’ or ‘you’re tall and carry it well’, my first Dexa scan however, put the ‘big boned’ theory to rest – my bones were normal weight and size!

Hearing this, I realised I no longer could hide behind that excuse and decided that after many previous attempts, this would be it!

I have always been an active person and enjoy outdoor activities and have played sport all my life, some of my proudest moments include climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and getting to Mt Everest Base Camp – 2 of the most challenging – both mentally and physically experiences to date….until the 12 Week Shift!

I was shocked when I weighed in for my first 12 Week Shift – this was the heaviest I had ever been – I was overcome with all sorts emotion but kept my chin up and decided I really only had one option TO DO THIS!!! I felt the same drive and determination I had when I was on those mountains and grasped this opportunity in both hands. I have a lot of weight to lose.

Up until the first shift, I had always thought I ate well, always thought I picked the healthy options but clearly I was wrong. I am not going to lie, I did eat and drink my fair share of junk food and alcohol although not excessively, but use to justify it by thinking the walk I had just completed would cancel it out, or I had just been to the gym so I can afford to eat or drink this.

Again, I was wrong.

Also, I am a shift worker, so early starts and late finishes I found myself to be an ‘opportunity eater’, I would be too unorganised to prepare dinner or lunch and so just get something quick and easy or just not eat enough. This mentality and behaviour I had for a very long time but can now proudly say is gone.

I threw myself into the first shift guns blazing. It. Was. Hard.

Not only did I up the ante on my training I was learning all about these things called Macronutrients and how in the correct proportion are the key to successful fat loss and muscle gain.

Gone were all the foods I had been accustomed to and in came replacements, better options and protein – lots of protein!!

Liz performing a HUGE 110kg Deadlift.
Liz performing a HUGE 110kg Deadlift.

Those first few weeks are the hardest – it’s a roller coaster of emotion – your tired, you crave certain foods, you think ‘why am I doing this’, ‘I am eating way too much food to be losing weight’ – (that was a big thing for me to grasp as I eat a lot more food now than I ever have) and then you start to see results happen, the scales start going down, clothes begin to feel a little looser – that was a massive push for me – I started to like seeing what I saw on the scales and I wanted more. So I have kept going and I am currently half way through maintenance phase after shift 3 and I will definently push myself again during shift 4.

I got massive results from the first shift, this spurred me on for a second, however injury and complacency got the better of me. I had it in my head that after such great results from the first shift I can do it again, but I wasn’t as disciplined with my training and although I consistently tracked my nutrition on a daily basis it was the little things I gave into. Yes, I did lose some weight but no where near what I did the first time round.

I needed to gain control and accountability back and hence why I participated in the third shift, plus I still have a few more kilos to shed before I can happily look at myself in the mirror.

Yes, it was still hard, yes, it was still challenging but no where near as hard as the first time. Seeing results after doing the hard work spurs me on.

I got more out of the 12 week shift than I ever thought I would. It has changed my whole perspective on nutrition – I now know that in order to lose weight you need to eat and eat foods in the correct ratio for me. Training is an integral part of the shift, it goes hand in hand with nutrition and both need to be consistent. Consistency is the key. I am more organised with my food now, I prepare meals to take to work and I don’t ‘opportunity eat’ any more. I am still able to go out and enjoy certain foods within the shift it just takes some planning and small adjustments to my macros.

I see the shift as a lifestyle change and not a diet, it has changed a lot of my behaviours and attitudes towards weight loss and food, I always thought the less you eat the more weight you will lose, but it’s the opposite. The body also needs different types of training, from strength to cardio to interval, all of which assists in weight loss and not just a leisurely stroll around the block!

Over the past 18 months I have had some massive changes in my life, from changes in training and nutrition habits and lifestyle to planning a Wedding for next year, a Wedding I want to look back at pictures and be happy with what I see and be proud of the effort I have put in to get these results. So at the moment that is my major goal and focus.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without the constant support and encouragement I have had from my partner Shane, the team at PPT and my superstar trainer Mark Jordan.

Mark constantly pushes me to my limits, makes me accountable for any poor decision I may have had and puts me back on the straight and narrow. He has a passion for his job and this shows with his energetic and enthusiastic approach to training, not to mention his extensive knowledge in his field. I am forever grateful for the journey I have started and the results I have had so far, 22Kg down, I feel fitter, leaner and stronger but I’m not done there is still more to lose….bring on shift 4!!!