Client Testimonial: Kate Cohen

I have been a member of a gym for about 4 years, attending classes and following programs created for me and that I had found on the internet. I felt that I needed a change in my training and needed to be more accountable for the food that I was consuming.

I began researching different training methods and remembered my friend at work telling me about Performance Personal Training. I decided to give PPT a call to see if this would be the right place to help me achieve my goal of improving my body composition. I met with Sean and discussed my goals. Straight away I could see that PPT would be a supportive and motivating place for me to train.

Kate's fat loss transformation

After the meeting I decided to sign up to PPT to do the 12 Week Shift, their body composition program at the time. For me, this consisted of 1 Personal Training session and 2 Squad Sessions per week. Throughout the 12 weeks I was able to keep on track with my goals through the hard work of my trainer, Sarah, and the other PPT staff who ran the squad sessions. The other PPT clients also helped encourage and push me through every session.

Towards the end of my 12 week shift I went on a cruise for 8 days. This seemed like it was going to be a massive challenge. Thanks to my trainer, who gave me a modified program to complete, and the nutrition information I received at the seminars I was able to stay on track and continue to progress toward my goal.

Now that my 12 week shift is over, my attitude towards fitness and nutrition has changed. I feel more confident when making decisions about the food I am eating and the training that I complete. I am armed with information to help me fuel my body for training, allowing me to work towards my goals, increase my energy levels and improve the way I feel within myself. I was able to achieve my goal of dropping body fat and increasing muscle.

I will continue to train with PPT because it is such a supportive and motivating environment. I always feel welcome and am greeted by name each time I arrive. It is also such a great feeling to know the people I train with share similar goals and will motivate me to push through each training session. I would definitely recommend PPT to anyone who is wanting a change in their training, body composition or lifestyle in general.

I just want to thank all the PPT trainers and clients for their support over the past 12 weeks and as my training continues. I cannot wait to see the results I achieve in the future!

Your future results could be just a click away. To find out more about this supportive and encouraging environment to train in, as well as any of the services offered by PPT, get in touch. Our trainers are always happy to discuss the options available at PPT to help clients reach their goals.