Client Testimonial: Justin Barnes

Client Testimonial:

Wholly moley! Look how far I’ve come. I started at PPT by eating no more than 1000 calories daily! I would fluctuate on eating between 500-800 calories because I was worried about gaining fat.

Being in my line of work it’s easy to say “stuff it, it’s 2am we have a 12 hour shift and I’m hungry lets just have maccas”. This was a reoccurring thing for me where I would choose bad foods and blame shift work and no time to make food as an excuse.

Excuses are easy to make and even easier to believe.

Before joining PPT I tried to drop all my bad foods and habits where I was eating a salad and veggies most days. Thinking this would help me build muscle and lose weight, I was wrong, very wrong.

I can remember My first session when Alex said “how are you alive, how do you have the energy to go to the gym”.

He said to me “mate, I am going to gradually try and get your calories up week by week”.

First I started on 1000, moving up 250 each week until reaching 3000 calories.

Now I look back and think I could eat what I was eating in a whole day all in one meal now.

The biggest thing I have learnt from Alex is that he strives to bring the best out of me, he continually checks my body weight, measurements, food intake and modifies my workouts to help gain the best results.

Alex has a very good way of motivating me and from the start he told me to stick to the number of workouts he suggests as a minimum to see the difference and this is what I did.

The workouts Alex has set for me are different each time although during every session you focus on different parts of the body. Usually I do a session focusing on lower body, and the next session on upper body repeating throughout the week. He makes sure that the workout is high-intensity, and he always adds new moves or tweaks to the workouts to make it that extra fun.

What he really understands about is your strengths and where your weaknesses lie as an individual. He builds your workouts according to these and changes the number of repetitions or the amount of weight as necessary during the workout. He watches you very closely and ensures you get the most out of every exercise. Every week I see the progress I made since last week which is something that really motivated me. I never liked working out my lower body because I never had a good workout plan. Now I see that I have made progress I actually enjoy doing legs as painful as it is.

Alex is an absolute legend of a trainer and really goes above and beyond to bring the best out. Alex enjoys helping so much so that he will text me to make sure I’m going ok with the workouts, and will send me any information I need to assist with it.

Training with Alex has showed me that with a push, motivation, eating plans and workout plans it really is possible to make the change into a healthier/stronger person.

PPT has been a blessing and something I couldn’t have got to where I am now without! The staff when you walk through the doors are amazing and so happy that they all take time out to just throw a hand up and say “hello or how are you”.

They show such professionalism as workers and great personalities as people. I see how hard all the staff work and how they all strive the best out of there clients.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, PPT is the place to be. It’s a place away from the world where you can relax and sweat the stresses away.

Thanks to Alex and the PPT staff for getting me to where I am and for the ongoing support. I look forward to plenty more painful leg workouts 🙂

Justin transformation

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