Client Testimonial: Jennie Lill

This was the first time I worked on nutrition & training with PPT and my overall experience was fantastic. I have always been a good eater but, it wasn’t until I started the shift that I realised I didn’t have nearly enough protein in my diet and this was a habit I needed to address straight away. My trainer Jason was of great support, he checked in to ensure I was staying on track and offered advice on the best way I could keep my nutrition in check when I travelled for work. So nutritionally, despite being a”good eater” I still had some work to do.  With my training, I enjoy being pushed to my limit when I train and doing the Squad sessions certainly did that.

fat loss & weight loss

The support of the trainers was a big help in getting results. Jason’s support was critical in ensuring that I stayed on track. He answered every question I had even though I thought it was straight forward and silly. I know I wouldn’t have gotten the results I did without his support and the support of all the trainers at PPT. Even if you aren’t their client they are always happy to answer question I had in regards to training or nutrition when I was at PPT to train.

fat loss and weight loss

My biggest achievements during the shift were getting up 5.00am 2 days a week to train when I’m not a person who trains first thing. I also had to eat more protein, drink more water and increase my fibre if I wanted the best results. Again, I ate well, but was unaware of just the importance of these things if I wanted the best results and the most from my training. This was a big learning experience for me, particularly the importance of protein. It is key for helping your body function and grow muscle. I also learnt that treats aren’t totally off limits, you want it, you track it, enjoy it and calculate it into your daily macros. Tracking macros made me realise how many of the things I was eating may have been low in calories but had very little macro nutrient values.

fat loss and weight loss

I was already fit but I was still carrying too much body fat and PPT helped me drop 7kgs of it. This certainly exceeded my expectations, I would recommend the shift to anyone who is looking at dropping body fat.

Body composition goals high on your training priorities, then get in touch wiht the team for awesome results like Jennie’s