Client Testimonial: Erin Valciukas

I hated training. I really didn’t enjoy any form of exercise, mainly because it felt like I was doing it for no reason , until I started with PPT I didn’t realise that there was a huge difference in training and training properly , I mean how hard is it to lift weights?? … Wrong !!!!

I now understand there is a difference between just doing your training and doing it properly. This is something I have come to learn and appreciate since training at PPT.



I started initially because Andrew (my husband) said they were the best. He knew Sean previously and had the confidence that a product he was involved in would get me the results I wanted. I listened to him and it turns out, he was right. I started.

We started to do the Squad training sessions together as we wanted to do something together that we’d both enjoy. The times suited us perfectly and then after doing a few weeks with Andrew I enjoyed it so much I added a second training day each week. It’s enjoyable training with like minded people who support and encourage you. After doing PT and squad sessions with PPT, I have realised that I had no clue what I was doing on my own previously in the gym. I’ve not got a gym membership anywhere else and prefer the guidance, support and community of the PPT team and clients.

Training at PPT has exceeded my expectations. After two weeks I saw and felt the results, I had more energy, I have muscles that I had never noticed before! All these were little wins, results that made it so much easier to turn up week after week.


Now I look forward to my sessions. The training sessions are second to none, their support and encouragement is key. They know when you have that little bit extra and help you get it out every session. The environment is fun! I actually love it and the results!

Being surrounded by like minded individuals is a valuable asset when training. If you want to surround yourself with people who get it and understand your “WHY?” get in touch with our team for more info on Personal Training options or our group training, THE SQUAD.