Client Testimonial: Denise Markus

Trainer: Alex Makin


Client Testimonial:

I am an active mature aged person who loves training and have been training at a gym doing weights, rpm classes and body balance.

Experiencing several broken bones I knew I needed more to  mainly fight off the dreaded diseases such as osteoporosis, so I joined Performance Personal Training and that is where I was introduced to Alex Makin.

Alex has shown an unsurmountable knowledge and skills whilst training me.

He individualises programs for me which are very challenging, intense and tailored to  keep me focused and achieve  my fitness goals.These quality programs are combinations of movements that improve my strength, agility and balance.

An example of Alex’s encouragement and support includes guiding me through a severe injury. He structured  the workouts to accommodate my needs and spoke regularly to the physiotherapist that was treating me. The slightest adjustment necessary to achieve the optimal benefit is always Alex’s priority.

Motivation, diligence and persistence are added extras to Alex’s talents.  He always gets me through the tough sessions physically and mentally.  Physical feats which I thought were unattainable for me e.g. squats, deadlifts and bench are now my strengths, and being able to perform these I have registered to compete in a powerlifting competition, this has given me goals to work harder under the guidance and never ending support from Alex.

Alex is the ultimate professional in strength training, technique, flexibility and nutrition. I am healthier, fitter and stronger.

Alex is always polite, genuine and sociable and his dedication to excellence is invaluable. He is a genuine person who exudes passion about his work and clients.