Client Testimonial: Caroline Jones

Client Testimonial:

This 12 Week Shift has been the best (for me anyway) to date.  This was my fourth shift and I have had varying results each time as my goals were different.  Communication with my trainer Jason played an integral part in my success. I would let him know how I was feeling each day from a nutritional and training point of view and we would go into more detail during my PT sessions.  With the information that I provided to Jason he would make any adjustments required to assist with my progress.  I believe that you need to trust your PT and have faith in their ability to assist you to achieving your goals and once you build this relationship success will follow. Jason was always available for any questions at PPT and outside of gym hours.

My training program was pretty tough which changed every four weeks progressively getting harder each time.  I was training 6 days per week which consisted of PT x 1, Squad sessions x 2, intervals x 2 and RPM x 1 and in the last four weeks I was doing 8 – 9 sessions per week and the results showed. The best part about participating in the shift at PPT was that there was always plenty of support from any of the trainers and clients alike, we could share our experiences and give each other motivation when needed.

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Every time I went to PPT whether it was for a PT session or a squad class the trainers would ask how are you going on the shift? The trainers were always available to answer any questions, and the best part is that the majority of the trainers were participating so they were travelling the same journey as the clients.

I found the seminars very informative and very well presented.  These seminars were very open and non judgmental and encouraged great discussions.  It was great to mix with like minded people all on very different journeys but with the same end goal – results!  The interval session that was facilitated by our trainers was an eye opener in regards to how hard you should push yourself and how you should feel during and at the end of these sessions.  The best of all was the beach session! It was tough, and was great to meet other clients participating in the shift.

The 12 Week Shift private Facebook page was a great resource which provided advice from the trainers including tips and recipes which helped to make the journey a little easier and it also provided motivation and inspiration from the other clients.

The  biggest achievements that I had during this shift was creating a habit to be prepared  from a nutrition point of view.  Every Sunday I prepared my food for the week this was a life saver as I knew what I was eating every day and was not tempted to eat the wrong foods by grabbing something quick to eat.  I would only eat the foods that I had logged, and if it wasn’t logged I didn’t eat it.

Whilst on the shift I went on a cruise with my family for 8 nights.  All of my food was cooked a restaurant or a buffet however there were healthy options. I had some desserts and drank alcohol on this holiday however I ensured that I made healthy choices most of the time and went to the gym but I still relaxed.  The biggest learning from this holiday is that I now have the confidence to make the right decisions of what to eat, even when I am not preparing my food.

I have always had a fear of returning to the unhappy, unhealthy, overweight person that I used to be.  I am now confident that this will not happen as I have been provided with the tools and knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I would highly recommend Performance Personal Training to anyone who wants to make a change in their body composition. I love that I can recommend it to anyone as it can be tailored to individuals depending on their, goals and fitness levels.

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