Client Testimonial: Carla Cenatiempo

I started training at PPT because my mum had started training there, she loves The Squad group training and PT sessions. She convinced me to start training at PPT based on her experiences despite how reluctant I was to use weights as part of my regime!

Has training at PPT met your expectations?

Better than what I would’ve guessed, I love going and look forward to the sessions. I really don’t think I have missed a session from when I first started!

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Why did you chose to participate in the Squad Group PT sessions?

I love the group atmosphere, I am naturally competitive, so the Squad Group PT sessions allow me to push myself more than what I would if I was training on my own.

Do you have gym membership elsewhere? if no why?

No, I find PPT gives me a well rounded training foundation, combining both weighted exercise and endurance.

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In your opinion what are the benefits of training at PPT?

Team atmosphere, variety of exercises and classes, lots of class times that work well within my weekly schedule. I work in St Leonards and seem to get to PPT 4 times a week.

How would you describe the environment at PPT in relation to clients and trainers?

Very friendly, awesome trainers and just an overall great family environment, training at PPT has become a highlight in my week (seriously), as much as the classes are challenging, knowing you are surrounded by positive peers and trainers make a huge difference.

How does trainer involvement, encouragement and support, play a role in your sessions, and how important is it to you?

Yes! That is a big part of the reason I train at PPT. The trainers are great, they push you, challenge you and ensure that even though you’re struggling, you can still enjoy the class and still manage to turn up the next week!

Has training at PPT changed your opinion of exercise, weight training, gyms etc?

Exercise doesn’t mean to be dripping sweat and running on the treadmill for ages, but targeting specific muscle groups with a clear goal in mind. Weights aren’t as scary as they seem and act as a big benefit in all aspects of movement and body composition. Regarding gyms, train in a place where you can see there is dedication and passion among peers and the trainers themselves, if this lacks, know that this will affect how you approach exercise and reaching your goals.

Would you recommend PPT to others and if so for what reason??

Yes! If you are after a gym with an overall positive vibe and a place that will definitely push you, look no further in PPT. I’ve achieved things that I certainly thought were not possible.

If you need some help overcoming the fear of “Will weights make me bulky?” just like Carla did, check out our blog, or get in touch with our team to discuss your goals and how PPT can help you get there.