Client Testimonial: Allissa Harrington

Trainer: Sean O’Shea

Allissa has been training with Sean over the past 18 months. Initially, simply for strength and composition goals, soon moving after in Bikini competition preparation.

Allissa trained with Sean at least 2 x per week, as well as an additional 2-3 weight training sessions to be completed on her own based off Sean’s programming.

Initially, only training with us specifically for strength coaching, Allissa’s coaching soon after included nutritional programming and coaching with Sean.

Through this planned approach Allissa went on to take 1st Place at the IFBB Bikini New South Wales Championships, 2015.

Congratulations Allissa!

Client Testimonial:

I’ve always been active and honestly wouldn’t know how to exist without some form of sport or activity, I can’t stand sitting still! I danced from an early age, always played team sports such as netball, soccer, touch football and I grew up waterskiing regularly. For me, to start PT was not driven by the desire to lose weight or get fit. I wanted new challenges and with some encouragement from my cousin Tara I signed up to joint PT sessions with her.

I knew very little about resistance training at that stage, I must admit I was one of those girls who thought lifting would make me bulky. The thought of picking up a weight actually scared me! Group fitness was the extent of my gym experience prior to PPT. Immediately after my first session I realised I enjoyed it and I wanted more. I wanted to be leaner, fitter, stronger! The decision to move to 1 on 1 PT was an easy one to make and I was ready to focus and set my self some big goals.

Confident I was at the best PT facility and training with the best I set myself a goal, to look like the fitness models in the magazines, and I wanted it to happen now! At that stage I never thought I’d compete, I was actually oblivious that bodybuilding comps even existed!

I had trained with Sean in some of the small group sessions, and I felt that he always pushed me to exceed beyond what I thought I was capable of. This has proven to be true over and over again. Reflecting back on the goals that I have set myself along the way, it’s a little overwhelming.

  • I wanted to be stronger, I can now deadlift twice my body weight
  • I wanted to be leaner, Dexa scans have my body fat at sub 6%
  • I wanted to do a chin up, I can now chin with additional weight added to me with a weight belt
  • I wanted a bigger booty, judging by pictures and measurements I’ve done that too
  • I wanted to compete, I placed first in my category at the IFBB Australia NSW Championships and qualified for the Amateur Olympia
  • I wanted to build lean muscle mass, muscle mass gain of Xkg.
  • And the list goes on…


IFBB NSW Bikini Champion, 2015

Each of these goals have been met with the guidance, support and encouragement of Sean and I know his involvement was crucial to the success and results I’ve had to date. I wouldn’t have got here without him. Sure I have to do the work, but he’s had the faith that I was capable and because of that I tried and never gave up even though there were times when I wanted to. Sean kept me accountable, if I didn’t at least try not only would I be letting myself down but I would be letting Sean down and this was something I wasn’t prepared to do, the bonus was always succeeding in the end.

The goals I have listed above were very much a work in progress and together we set up small wins along the way which kept me pushing and kept me motivated. It was beneficial to have someone who was realistic with setting these goals, ensuring that my expectations were managed was important as it would have been disheartening for someone like me had I not succeeded with what I had set out to do.

I have undergone changes that I never expected when I started here in October 2013. The changes you see in me with the naked eye, yes they are important, but there is more to my experience at PPT than that. I have had positive change both mentally and physically. After my first placing at Cronulla, someone asked what I had won, my reply was instanteous and simple, through the entire process I managed to win self respect, strength (mental and physical), a better relationship with food, personal growth and in invaluable life experience.

For me, I know I am part of a training team that is more like a supportive and understanding family full of encouragement and motivation. This like minded group of individuals make training and working enjoyable and the culture that comes from PPT is very unique.

I would encourage anyone out there considering PT to go and see the PPT team. If you want to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best. I believe that Sean and Mark are the cream of the crop when it comes to Personal Trainers and PPT is the top training facility in the Macarthur area.