12 Week Shift Testimonial: Katie Corrigan

katie corrigan

Having worked as a PT for many years and now studying naturopathy, a healthy lifestyle is engrained in me. I eat well and look after myself, but sometimes that isn’t enough when you want change. So why would someone like me with extensive knowledge and a PT background do the shift even though I have this breadth of experience? Simply, sometimes all the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean that you will execute a plan individually.

I needed the support and accountability to get what I wanted. The positive encouragement and well thought out recommendations were ultimately the reason for my success. Thinking back I can honestly say I enjoyed Sean’s feedback week to week.

Starting the shift I thought I knew exactly what I was in for especially since I had worked with clients on the first shift back in 2015. I knew what I wanted, lower body fat. My perception at the beginning was that in order to achieve this I would have to meticulously count calories and macros. What surprised me was that for me to get the results I wanted, the process was quite relaxed. There were some aspects of tracking, but I had protein and calorie targets to meet.

All of a sudden once change started to become apparent, I loved the fortnightly measure in’s and photo’s. My weight on the scale didn’t change all that much, but I could see my hard work was paying off in those check in’s and that was enough to keep me motivated.

The shift was a great way for me to not only get results in that timeframe, but to understand how to manage my lifestyle and hold onto the results long term. It’s all about balance, events and parties are going to happen, and the lifestyle that I implemented over the shift, means I can be flexible with my nutrition and make small adjustments, before and after events.

The 12 week shift is a great program for people of all levels, it educates participants to have a healthy relationship with food and addresses the person holistically, it’s more than just checking in numbers on a spreadsheet; it’s about support, community, adaptation, and long term results. I would recommend it to others if they are looking to get results that they can hold onto.