Client Testimonial: David Driver

I decided to participate in the 12WS as I was looking for an additional focus and a new goal with my training. I was working-out steadily in the gym, prior to the commencement of the shift, but decided to push my training to a new level. I wanted to combine an increase in training intensity with control in the kitchen and then see what this could deliver.

fat loss & weight loss


I had always watched what I ate, however, would find excuses for at least 2 days a week to throw the dietary rulebook out of the window. The 12WS made me accountable, not only to myself but also to my trainer, Sean.

Sending him photos (front, rear and side views) at 2 week intervals was confronting yet extremely useful and motivating.

Shall I squeeze some extra calories in?

Who would know?

I just won’t record them.

The camera knows………… and it never lies.


fat loss

During the 12WS I learnt a lot about P’s. C’s and F’s. I learnt a lot about the right combinations of foods and also about eating smart.

I’m a proud chocoholic and honestly had chocolate every day of the shift. However, I just changed what type of chocolate I ate. Instead of the Milk variety, which always left me craving more, I changed to 70% Dark Chocolate and after 4 squares (130 calories) I was left satisfied that I’d had my daily fix.

During the shift I attended numerous work and family events but this time I simply ate smarter. I either chose the healthier option or left a little in the calorie tank, prior to the event, to ensure that I still maintained my daily macro targets.

In summary, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can highly recommend the working with PPT to anyone who wants to set themselves a personal challenge.

Bring on the next challenge, bring on new goals and bring on keeping fit, strong and healthy!

For more information on how we can individualise your fat loss approach get in touch with our team. Eat your chocolate too, just like Dave did.