12 Week Shift Testimonial: Carmel Foti

“Why are you doing the 12WS?” is the question I have been asked repeatedly. Obviously, weight loss wasn’t my goal. For me, it’s been about improving body composition and building muscle.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.12.35 PM

Each shift has been a continual education, gathering information on what actually works for me. Under Sean’s guidance and eventually trusting the process, I now know how much and what I need to eat to feel good, maintain my weight and support my training.

Nutritional choices are now not just limited to the 12WS but are part of my family’s daily lifestyle. Even when I am not tracking, subconsciously I am still keeping track to ensure I don’t fall into the undereating habits I had prior to the shift.

I also now understand the importance of sleep for me. During the last 12WS, Sean asked me to track hours slept and sleep quality, and it’s obvious that it had a huge impact on me.

In short, the personalized approach to the 12WS is what helps you reach your goals. Thanks to Sean and all the team!!!