Client Testimonial: Ryan Barroga

I joined PPT just over a year ago primarily to improve the way I looked and ultimately increase my self confidence. Training with Daniel and seeing the changes in myself in the past 12 months. I can definitely say I am on the right path towards this and I feel great.

Toned, lean and fat loss

Previously competing as an elite gymnast, after a couple years break I could see I was beginning to let myself go and decided to do something about it. I had never set foot in a gym on my own and knew I needed guidance to get me started. Through Daniel’s personalised training programs and guidance I’ve seen huge improvements in my fitness levels, whilst staying motivated and consistent. Having reliable and easy to follow nutritional goals has also been a huge and positive change. Having never watched my diet in the past it definitely wasn’t easy, but the benefits in both the way I look and feel makes it all worth it.

Overall, training with Daniel and the staff at PPT has completely changed my lifestyle –  starting from physical appearance, my self esteem, mental health and adapting a more healthy lifestyle in general.


strength gains


I would absolutely recommend PPT to anyone else wanting to achieve the same things. You can tell the staff are passionate about what they do, have the knowledge and experience to back it up, and want their clients to succeed just as much as they do.

Talking to our passionate staff is a a great way to get your health and fitness back on track. To take the first step is as simple as clicking through to our contact page.