12 Week Shift Client Testimonial: Megan Price

As someone who came to PPT already fit, lean and ‘trained’, Megan decided to join our 12 Week Shift to improve her body composition even further.  What a lot of people don’t realise is that as you get closer and closer to your fat loss goal, the process can actually become quite difficult. Precision and consistency are paramount.

Read on to hear about Megan’s journey from fit to fitter!


Client Testimonial:

I had fantastic success when I did the first shift. I was as fit and lean as ever, but I still wanted to do another 12 week shift. Why? This is a question I got asked A LOT!

I took on the 2nd shift as I still saw room for improvement in my body composition. Even with my 1st shift result of 5kgs fat loss and 1.5kgs muscle gain, my sticking point for storing that extra weight has always been my mid section (waist, hips and upper thighs ). I wanted to push myself further with my nutrition and training to obtain that allusive “six pack” that I could never seem to achieve with other diets.

The shift helped change some ideas I previously held towards weight loss.

Firstly eating less food or calories isn’t always best. During my 1st shift I was surprised at how much food I would be eating and being someone who loves food …this made me happy 🙂

Secondly, you need to think of it not as a “diet” but a “life style change”, you really need to make it part of your everyday life. From the food you eat, your training and possibly even the people that surround you. What I like most about the 12 week shift program is that I never felt like I missed out on anything that I enjoy eating (within reason). By learning about better food choices in general, it allows me to have that meal that I enjoy.

The PPT support network, be it trainers or clients play a huge part in keeping you motivated. Especially if you have family or friends that don’t understand why you just don’t have “that cake” and constantly give comments like “why are you even on a diet?” or you need that extra push to get you through your training session. The trainers are always there to help keep you on point and answer any question or issues you have and the fellow shifters are there to support and encourage each other as there is always someone who gets where you’re coming from.

On top of the support and push from the trainers, the seminars were excellent and jammed with information and ideas to help keep you on track. It’s all the shifters who are present, and it was good to get the opportunity to catch up outside the gym to talk with each other and share how we were going. Seminars are also a great time to ask any questions, or share thoughts and concerns.  You realise quickly that you are probably not the only one seeking an answer to a particular question.

The 12 weeks are up, but it has really been a lifestyle adjustment for me that I have been able to maintain. These are habits now. I still prep breakfast for the week as this was a meal I NEVER ate prior to the 1st shift but it’s now a constant that has and will remain. I also still track, even in the “maintenance” phase, mainly to make sure I’m getting enough protein each day and that I’m keeping within my calorie range. It keeps me accountable.

I would highly recommend  PPT’s 12 week shift for those wanting fat loss. You’re given the knowledge and support to take control of your own nutrition. You’re not told what meals to eat but given the tools and education to make the right choices be it cooking and preparing meals at home or out being social with friends. It’s a program that you can continue well after the shift finishes.