Client Testimonial: Chantelle Grotto

PPT really helped me to learn and start achieving my goals. The trainers here are all so easy to talk with and willing to help. The gym is welcoming as soon as you walk in those doors.

fat loss

My 12 week challenge was daunting to begin with but Mary sat me down and went over my goals and the way to achieve them. Over the 12 weeks the team helped me learn about portions, calories, appropriate training and how to break long and tempting habits. I can’t thank them enough.

The push and strive the team had in helping me is what kept me going through the 12 weeks. I can honestly say I wouldn’t of gotten there without them. While I know I didn’t reach my full goal because of my commitment, I know that if I keep going at PPT they will help me reach it in the end. It’s just the type of team they are.

Thanks again to everyone at PPT for helping me and pushing me to do my best through me challenge.

Some tough SQUAD sessions for Chantelle!

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