I had trained with Sean in some of the small group sessions, and I felt that he always pushed me to exceed beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Allissa Harrington

The biggest thing I have learnt from Alex is that he strives to bring the best out of me, he continually checks my body weight, measurements, food intake and modifies my workouts to help gain the best results.

Justin Barnes

I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are serious about getting results!

Felicia Tearse

During my time at PPT I’ve lost fat and inches, and gained muscle and knowledge!

Nicole Holmes

The support of the trainers was a big help in getting results. Jason’s support was critical in ensuring that I stayed on track.

Jennie Lill

I found the seminars very informative and very well presented.  These seminars were very open and non judgmental and encouraged great discussions.

Caroline Jones

In summary, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can highly recommend the 12WS to anyone who wants to set themselves a personal challenge.

David Driver

I am armed with information to help me fuel my body for training, allowing me to work towards my goals, increase my energy levels and improve the way I feel within myself.

Kate Cohen

Sean, Mark and the team at PPT successfully provide a positive environment that is conducive to achieving the best results you possibly can.

Domenic Galluzzo

I am a huge fan of PPT. They keep things simple, no fancy gimmicks, always educating themselves and best of all practice what they preach!

Linda Matafa

I see the shift as a lifestyle change and not a diet, it has changed a lot of my behaviours and attitudes towards weight loss and food.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without the constant support and encouragement I have had from my partner Shane, the team at PPT and my superstar trainer Mark Jordan.

Liz Latham

Within 12 months I achieved my long term goal and lost 17kg following the plan that Katie put in place with me.

Paul Robinson

This is by far the longest I have stuck with a gym and personal trainer, and I certainly don’t intend on going anywhere else!

Roseanne Zaccagnini

I am the strongest I have ever been and the flow on effects from my training and nutrition program have rolled on into every other aspect of my life.

Scott Taylor