The Squad


Join our SQUAD!

Surround yourself with a SQUAD that makes you better!

Being surrounded by a team who MOTIVATES, INSPIRES and ENCOURAGES YOU to BE BETTER is a formula for success. Unleash your ‘inner-athlete’, and do it with a bunch of people who JUST GET IT!

‘The Squad’ is PPT’s Group Coaching program, built to provide our TEAM with results, all within a supportive, encouraging TEAM training environment. Our program has been expertly designed to bring what we feel is an optimal mix of STRENGTH, CONDITIONING and FITNESS style workouts to our community.

The Squad offers a range of programs, all completed under the guidance and watchful eye of our Squad Coaches.

Strong Squad

The name says it all! Build strength, lean muscle and improve conditioning, all under the guidance of one of our experienced SQUAD COACHES.

HIT Squad

Leave your pump bars at the door and expect to sweat! Improve fitness and take it to the limit with a mix of lifting, modified strongman and interval training methods.

FIT Squad

Put your fitness to the test at FIT SQUAD! This fun but challenging, 60min session is aimed at getting you fitter, leaner, and help you burn a ton of calories in the process.

Total Squad

Only one way to describe this one! ‘Organized chaos’! Non-stop barbells, sleds, ropes and whatever else we throw at you, while surrounded by the entire SQUAD! 8 stations, 5mins on each and plenty of sweat!

How To Book?

We believe it’s not only important for us to be a fit for you, but you also need to be a fit for us! Not sure if The Squad is for you? Try before you buy with our FIRST SESSION FREE offer here.

  • 2 SESSIONS PER WEEK     $40.95 p/w
    Ongoing – Minimum 6 week agreement
  • UNLIMITED SESSIONS    $61.45 p/w
    Ongoing – Minimum 6 week agreement
  • 10 SESSION PURCHASE     $250.00
    Expires 3 months after purchase
  • DROP IN SESSION     $25.00
    Expires 14 days after purchase


Where and how do I book in?

Booking our Squad sessions is super easy! Book, cancel and mark payments yourself using the MindBody App (available for most smart phones or tablets), or online via our Website.

What does a typical session look like?

All sessions run for 60mins, and are broken up into the following structure:

  • The Warm Up
    • Session Explanation
    • Game Plan
    • 10mins
  • The WORK
    • Session dependent.
    • Leave your ego at the door and get ready to give 100%
    • 45mins
  • Team Cool Down
    • Stretching, breathing and bringing you back down to earth!
    • 5mins
Do I need to have training experience?

Although you don’t need to be a seasoned athlete to join our Squad, we do recommend that you have a little training experience. Not sure? No worries! We can bring you up to speed with our Individual Squad Coaching Sesssions.

Do I need to bring anything?

Water, workout towel, breathable training kit (Bonus points for wearing your SQUAD TEAM SINGLET), and some work ethic!

Pre-workout Nutrition and Hydration

Make sure you arrive to SQUAD well hydrated and fed. We don’t recommend having any ‘heavy’ meals less than 2hrs prior to your Squad Session. If you coming in on a full stomach, you may find yourself re-visiting it before the session is over!

100% Effort and Accountability Required!

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

The entire SQUAD is here to support and guide you, but remember, it’s a 2-way street. Be ready ON TIME, WORK HARD, FOCUS and SUPPORT your team-mates through each and every session.

I have questions!

No problems! Get in touch with one of the team HERE to find out more.