Strength & Conditioning


Break through to the NEXT LEVEL!

GUIDANCE, KNOWLEDGE and SUPPORT for your Athletic Success!

At PPT we understand the importance of performing your best. We pride ourselves on assisting in the success and development of athletes from many different sports.

We’ve had success and experience in working with athletes from sports such as; Raw powerlifting, Short and Long Course Triathlon, Ironman events, Competitive Obstacle Racing, Short and Long Course Swimming (varied strokes and events), Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Bodybuilding and Physique Preparation, Mixed Martial Arts and more!

All of our Strength and Conditioning coaches are registered with the ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association), and have spent years developing their knowledge through continuous education and hands on experience working with real athletes.

With Strength and Conditioning Packages available for both individual athletes, or teams, each package includes:


Nutritional Assessment and Recommendations

Individualised Nuritional Programs

Accountability, Support and Advice


Structural Balance Assessment
Testing performance, mobility and identifying structural weaknesses

Individualised Training Programs

Expert Advice and Technique Coaching

Ongoing screening, testing and assessments