Can or Can Not. Your Choice

GUEST BLOGGER Doug Ryan from Apex Performance will unwrap over a series of blogs some important aspects of self belief and its role in performance/results.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t…. You’re right!”

I am honoured to be the first guest blogger for Performance Personal Training. When I was asked though my immediate thoughts went to: “Really? But I’m semi-illiterate! Anyone who has received a text message from me requires a Masters degree in Advanced Douglish to decipher the code.”

Those doubts were quickly dispelled. Since starting my own business Apex Performance, I’m regularly repeating mantras like:

‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

This is me doing it anyway.

I am fortunate enough to work with clients that want to overcome limiting beliefs and optimise their time here roaming the planet. I love it, working towards mastery and the peak experience.

What sort of coach and mentor would I be if I didn’t model the excellence I push others to achieve?

We all contain within ourselves unlimited potential. Because of that potential we take action, based on the action we take we get results we have earned, and that serves to support our beliefs of what is possible and what we’re capable of. It’s cyclical.

In 1954, no one had ever run the mile in under 4 minutes. People believed it couldn’t be done, Roger Bannister did it. In the 2 years that followed another 37 people did it. Their physical potential didn’t change. It was the belief that it was possible that changed. Bannister ran that record setting race in his head visualising it and in turn creating certainty for those around him that it could be done.

Photo credit: Associated Press

Our beliefs shape the action we take. If we believe that we aren’t capable of something we will not take the action necessary and our results will be poor. With the poor results it will only reaffirm our limiting belief that we aren’t capable or that we do not have the potential. This in turn causes us to reduce the action we take further diminishing our results and down we spiral. Stuck.


If we are able to remove the blockage create a positive foundation of self-belief and certainty we will be compelled to take greater action, with greater action the natural consequence is great results. Even if we don’t get the results due to the belief in our abilities we will continue pouring effort in until we reach our goals.

“The moment we see ourselves as our own source of inspiration we begin the journey of mastery of own thoughts and choices” –Sharon Pearson

PART 2 in the self belief series will cover incremental change and the attributes required to achieve it. In the meantime to find out more about the services offered by PPT and how you can make start your positive change, simply click hear & our team will be in touch

Written by PPT Guest blogger Douglas Ryan of Apex Performance.