Running Through The Seasons

By PPT Trainer, Simone O’Shea

Whether you are a long time runner, new to running or even still walking and trying to build up to a consistent run; you will find that there is time to run just because you have time, a good time to run, and the best time to run.

Below I’ll compare the pro’s and obstacle of running through the seasons, and some solutions to keep you moving all year long.

The Seasons:

Summer: December to February

Autumn: March to May

Winter: June to August

Spring: September to November

My favourite season: Of course I’ll run all year round just to keep myself moving, but my favourite season for running has to be Autumn. Simply because of the mild temperatures that give me more time through the day, even in the middle of the day. And air that’s not yet too cold, making breathing while I run more comfortable. Also no need to do a paranoid head swivel while I run to keep an eye out for attacking birds.

Watch out for these guys come Spring!

Tips to turn your walk into a jog, into a run:

Fartlek training: After warming up, combine harder efforts with easy efforts based on how you feel without the need to time intervals. You can start with a jog / walk mix and work up to a run / jog.

Intervals: Intervals can be set over a time or a distance. You can even just start by aiming to jog from one light post to the next, followed by a brisk walk to the one after. As your fitness improves aim to increase your pace and / or your distance.

If your ready to try running or even just start walking this Autumn, why not join Team PPT for The  March Charge?

Join our FREE Community Jogging Group Each Sunday throughout March at the Camden Bike Track. We’ll see you at the Car Park End, taking off at 7:30am! All are welcome.