You don't need a doctor

You don't need a doctor

I’m going to start this with a question, when you need your hair cut, where do you go?

Obvious right? You go to a hairdresser or barber and you tell them what they want, they use their skill and knowledge, and you walk out with a result. That’s what they know, how to cut, colour, dry, etc.

Does anyone out there needing a haircut book in to see their GP instead of their hairdresser?

NO!! that would be crazy.

So when you want to lose weight, where do you go?

Answer to this one isn’t so cut and dry. If you really want results, you should do some research on finding yourself a reputable trainer to give you and individualised training program. One who will also help you with your nutrition and one who has a proven track record of getting results for their clients.  That’s what they know. Fat loss, exercise, nutrition, health. You’re not sick and in need of a doctor, you just eat too much.

Sadly, there are many out there who head to a GP. Now I’m going state from the outset that I have a GREAT GP and luckily for me, I don’t need to see him often at all, because I’m not sick. You see that’s his specialty, he helps people who are SICK get better. It’s also worth noting that there are some legitimately overweight people who have illnesses that can challenge their weight loss efforts. For those who think this is the case 100% consult your GP, share your struggles and request some thorough bloodwork. The answer usually lies there and again can be addressed through old fashioned diet and exercise once the full picture is known.

If you are overweight or unfit, a trip to the GP and a script for diuretics or appetite suppressants is not a cure, yet it happens far too often. This script isn’t an answer, its not a solution. What it is, is a promise for short term weight loss, long term rebound weight gain and a stack of BAD side effects.  In a nut shell you will lose weight but you will feel like rubbish while you do. When you get off the tablets there is a high probability that you may put all the weight back on…… PLUS SOME!

Pills for weight loss are at best a short term fix, where the side effects outweigh any weight loss benefits PLUS weight regain is common

Makes you wonder why some doctors prescribe so freely. If you start asking around to those who have taken this type of medication, there are doctors out there who do hand prescriptions out like they are handing out Christmas Cards.

So if you are someone who has THOUGHT about taking one of these drugs, weigh up the Pros and Cons

Scale weight goes down quickly Headaches
No Appetite
Mood swings
Short of breath
Increase heart rate
Unhealthy habits unbroken
Weight gain once you stop
Inability to exercise

Still interested in this quick fix?

The only way to get long term, healthy and sustainable results is to change the habits that took you down that path of weight gain. For some this is a confronting task, it requires them to take responsibility and ownership of a lifestyle that hasn’t served them well (for more info on ownership, positive thinking and better results, read our mindset blog).

What you need instead is to identify the lifestyle habits that brought you to this current situation, try to change them. This is where the role of diet and exercise shines through in its ability to get results.

Our recommendation, take steps to health and fitness before you NEED the GP to help you with any of the crap illnesses that come as a result of being overweight.

You’re first step could be as simple as getting in touch with us at PPT, simply head to our contact page and leave us your details.