About Us



We exist for one reason. Simply, because people deserve better!

We believe that people deserve better access to the right tools, the right information, support, and to be surrounded by like-minded, goal driven individuals who just ‘get it’. We think we’ve come up with the perfect mix of these elements, to create the most effective training service available.

Our team of experienced coaches will help you create positive change though our educated, passionate, and highly professional training service. Whether you’re new to exercise, looking to take your training up a level, or a seasoned athlete, WE WILL HELP YOU PERFORM.

We listen to what our clients want and need, and get them there through only the most effective methods. Don’t expect any gimmicks or fancy exercise equipment with us, just PROVEN METHODS DESIGNED TO GET YOU RESULTS!


Anyone who has been to our facility knows we have an addiction…….

An addiction to the highest quality training equipment available!

We take our client results very seriously, and to do that, we must have access to the best training tools available. We’ve sourced equipment from all over the world, with brands like Atlantis Strength Equipment, Watson Gym Equipment, Rogue Fitness Equipment, and Ironedge in an effort to provide our clients the very best.

As we said, we believe people deserve better. We’ve set up our private training facility to allow our clients exclusive access to this high caliber of equipment, and we’re always looking to grow.

As the saying goes ‘You can’t make Chicken Salad with Chicken S#IT’, and you can’t get great results with crappy equipment!