4 Nutrition Principles that everyone should be following

4 Nutrition Principles that everyone should be following

We don’t do cookie cutter nutrition, all PPT clients are given an individualised approach to nutrition. What is common for all of them though is the starting point or principles that we base our nutrition on and we want to share it!

This is a really simple guideline of 4 Nutrition Principles that everyone should be following. These are so powerful that we challenge you to make a start! Actively adopt these 4 principles and you will not only look leaner, but feel better too!

Start one at a time, start to make these second nature and then enjoy the benefits.

Eat your veggies – not to make you feel like a child again, but this is really, really important. Veggies don’t need to be boring, keep it interesting by mixing up the sources, think different colours and different cooking methods too. This variety is a great way to get in a stack of vitamins and minerals.

CHALLENGE – pick a different vegetable a week to try

Eat lean meat – protein is the building block for every cell in your body so it’s important for everyone, not just body builders or gym junkies, absolutely everyone. Lean protein sources are your best go to and yes it’s possible to hit your protein even if you follow a vegetarian diet

CHALLENGE – Include protein at every meal, yes even snacks.

Fibre is a must – one of the negative effects of the carb shaming of the past few decades is that we’ve also seen many people have a dive in their fibre intake. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, good carb sources are necessary as this is also where you will find your fibre which is crucial for your health and digestion

CHALLENGE – increase fibre with fruit and wholegrains

Avoid food from a box – if you eat from a box be prepared for some extra calories, sugars, preservative, colourings and just a stack of stuff that you don’t want or need. Unless its oats or another wholegrain, you really don’t need it.

CHALLENGE – do a pantry stocktake and toss out the boxes!


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